About Us

Smart Trade Publications Co., Ltd., was established in 2002 as a publisher of Manufacturing Review” Magazine and “PLAS & PACK” Magazine for professionally industrial entrepreneurs and executives in Thailand and the Asia-Pacific region. The Magazines present the substances comprehensively covering the manufacturing industries which have currently been subscribed by well over 35,000 members, both in country and abroad. The Magazines are sent directly to the industrial entrepreneurs. Operated by the experienced Working Team, the Magazines are printed with the format of the publications that present the subject matters of the industries in 2 languages (English – Thai), and in four colors throughout the books that are scheduled to be issued bimonthly per 1 issue by focusing on the substances with comprehensive details clearly and precisely relevant to the industrial circle. In addition, the substances are facilitative and supportive to the study and reference in presenting articles, interviews, for the regular columns. Presently, the Magazines have had the target groups in every industry: such as; automotive, electronics, steel, food, plastic and mould industry and others.

Smart Trade Publications Co., Ltd., is skillful in all types of publication media that publishes the Magazines focusing specifically on the substances of the manufacturing industries in Thailand and abroad, “fast, promptly, precisely relevant to the point” and ideally suitable for manufacturing industrialists: such as; the executives, factory managers, engineers, factory workers including variously related production departments.

Our Service Work:

  • To take jobs for making all types of publication media;
  • To take jobs for organizing events and seminars on the industries.
  • To take job for booth construction for various exhibitions